Bradshaw Family  (Van Bruaene X Steele of Uttoxeter)

This has been our family of pigeons for the last 30 plus years. We have been very successful with these pigeons.  They are an all round pigeon but brilliant on long distance races. On tough races they keep coming and won’t let you down.  We have won nationals from 250 miles to 600 miles.  To read more on this breed please view the results page.









Patrick Van Bruaene Delrue

Patrick is the grandson of the famous Andre Van Bruaene.  Andre won 1st International Barcelona twice in 1966 and 1984 with Barcelona I and Barcelona II.  The Elekriek line can be traced back to both of these pigeons.

Carrying on the family's success with the Van Bruaene breed, Patrick himself has been 2nd National Barcelona twice and has won the Gouden Vleugel (Golden wing) in 2010.

We have become good friends with Patrick and we have six pigeons direct off his best lines including son of the Jewel.  Also off the Electric lines.







Jan Aardens:

Jan Ernest

Very new to our loft is a complete round of late breds direct from Jan Ernest.  These are off his champion racing and breeding pigeons.  Jan Ernest is a long distance legend. 

We have one Jan Ernest pigeon who is daughter of De Teletekst (NL061212447) who is one his best racers with 13 awards including 5th National Tarbes’10 – 7438d, 6th National Dax’12 – 8728d, 8th National Bergerac’08 – 16041d, 19th National Tarbes’10 – 9955d.

Our pigeon 405/10 dam is NL061212472 who is sister to NL066121246 who won many prizes for overnight races.

Another one of ours is son of Super Witpen 698 (NL042224698) who was a very good long distance pigeon with 15 prizes including 28th National Tarbes’10 – 7438d, 36th National Mont Marsan’09 – 10336d, 



Ko Van Dommelen

Ko has multiple national and international wins under his belt, he is one of the best at flying Jan Aarden pigeons.  Our pigeons that are direct off Ko Van Dommelen include pigeons from the Paarborst line, including grandchildren from the father & mother of Paarborst, De Ultieme and Caje Vermeulen. Paarsborst is the famous long distance pigeon as a racer and a breeder.

We have a son of De Molenaar which is brother to Paarborst.  His mother t’Oliebontje is also mother to Bulldozer who won 1st Ace Pigeon ZLU W.H.Z.B. 2012.

We also have pigeons from the De Orleans Hulk, De Mand and De Rochelaar.







Martha van Geel

In our opinion Martha Van Geel is the best female flyer in world and can hold her own against the male flyers too!!! Her most famous pigeon is the 1967 born pigeon called the “Dolle”. He not only won 3rd National St Vincent, a CAR! but a month later he also came 3rd National Dax. The Dolle accomplished these superb wins at 8 years of age. The Dolle’s descendants throughout the  years following have produced incredible performances.

We have acquired pigeons off the best of her modern day birds, including a son of Quasimodo.








Piet De Vogel

Piet de Vogel from Oude Tonge is another successful Jan Aarden flyer in Holland with numerous National wins over the years.

We purchased off Piet a daughter off the famous Escobar alias “Cas”.  Cas was 1st International Barcelona Ace pigeon 2009 and 2010.


Jan Polder

Jan Polder won 1st International ace pigeon Pau 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 with Black Magic Woman.  This pigeon won 12 prizes on extreme long distance races.  Black Magic Woman paired to Son of Nadal, makes one half of very famous grandparents for our pigeon Young Morning Star. His other grandparents are De Ultieme (father of Paarsborst) and Delta Queen (who is Dam to multiple winners).




George Carteus

George Carteus aka Mister Perpignan from Ronse, Belgium. George Carteus is a phenomenal long distance flyer.  Some of his achievements include 1st Nat Limoges (1991), 1st Europa Beker 1993 + (2e 2000) 1e  Nat Perpignan 2e Int Nat (1997), 1e Nat Perpignan 2e Int Nat (2000), 1st West European Marathon Z.L.V 2000 + L ‘etoile de L’europe le. 1st Nat Champion Long Distance KBDB (2001) and many more…

We have four George Carteus pigeons from the following lines, De Crack 318, De Jonge Artiest, De Super and De Limoges.








Robert Venus

Robert Venus was not only a great racer but also a master breeder. De Supercrack (Crusson 457421-68F) was a unique pigeon in the fact that he not only became a great racer but also a great breeder.  De Supercrack was three times National Winner and his line has created twenty 1st International winners and more than 200 1st national awards. The Supercrack line are endurance pigeons and excel on a tough race. 

The acclaimed Figo pigeon bred and owned by the Rynaerts.  Figo won 1st Nat Bourges against 12,266 pigeons and won fourteen 1st in two years. The mother of Figo is Crissie, she is from Hengst, Robert Venus fourteen times 1st Prize winner paired to Sissi who is daughter of the Goen.

On Robert Venus retirement we purchased some of his best stock birds which include the lines of Supercrack, Figo, De Klak, Brugemann and Pepermans. We have the number one breeding pair Glamour boy and Cindy




F.Van Ophuizen –M Marell

Also we have a son of Rambo Barcelona who is the grandfather of Barcelona Rambo who won 1st International Barcelona in 2004.












​Nouwen Paesen

Nouwen Paesen is another great long distance loft from Grote Brogel in Belgium. Some of their racing highlights include 1e International Marseille 875kms 19622 pigeons, 1x1e International Barcelona 1112km, 2e X 1e National Barcelona 1112km, 1X1e National St Vincent 981km, 1e National Perpignan 1997+1999.

We have two direct Nouwen Paesen pigeons. One is a Blue cock 894 whose is sire is “ De Narbonne” (5020399/87) he won 1e prov Narbonne 906km, 2e prov Montauban 854km + 17 prizes on long distance. De Narbonne (399/87) sire was 1 International Marseille 2001. 894 Dam is 1364133/97 who won 18e Nat Cahors 7321p and 5 X top long distance races. Our pigeon 894 is also half brother to Beauty Marseille (5295724/95) who won 1e International Marseille 875km 19622 pigeons in 2001, 6e prov Dax 962km 1999, 12e prov Marseille 2000, 56 prov Perpignan.






​Anton Van Haaren

We have a Dark Chequer Cock whose sire is “De Donkere Barcelona”, who won:
1. Nationaal Asduif Barcelona ’94-’98, 28. Nat. Barcelona ’98 6.290 d, 71. Nat. Barcelona ’97 7.047 d, 71. Nat. Barcelona ’96 5.229 d, 86. Nat. Perpignan 4.342 d, 100. Nat. Perpignan 3.815 d, 327. Nat. Barcelona ’95 5.737 d. Our pigeon is an 1998 so he is a bit of an old timer but he was still filling his eggs in 2014.