About Us

My name is Natalie Bradshaw and I am the founder of NCB Lofts. We are based near Swansea in South Wales and we fly South road.

Racing pigeons has been in my family since the 1950’s, starting with my grandfather Charles Bradshaw Snr, who began racing pigeons after leaving the navy. Later he moved from Sussex to Southampton. It was when my father Charles Jnr was living in Southampton that he first became interested in pigeon racing. At the age of 8 he started flying with the Bournemouth North Road Federation then changed to South with the Solent Federation and National Flying Club. 

On his 10th birthday Charles Jnr was taken by his father as a birthday treat to the lofts of Bill Steele of Uttoxeter, where he purchased a Mealy cock for the sum of £27 and 50 shillings (which his father never let him forget!!) This pigeon paired with a Marsden Flint hen went on to breed some very successful long distance pigeons including the 3rd Open Pau National Flying Club. This was the start of the long successful line of Steele of Uttoxeter in our family of pigeons.

Many years later when Bill Steele’s daughter Joan couldn’t manage the pigeons any longer, we purchased the entire team from her. After purchasing these pigeons we started to look for another good long distance breed to cross. In our opinion we decided that the Van Bruaene’s were the best suited to cross with the Steele’s.  Our first purchase of Van Bruaene’s came from AH Bennett of Church Stretton who in turn had them direct off Andre Van Bruaene.  Later on down the line we purchased them direct off Andre aswell.  Roll on 30 years we are now good friends with Andre Van Bruaene's grandson Patrick and we have some pigeons from his very best stock birds.

At around the same time of introducing the Van Bruaene’s to our lofts, we also bought some pure Sion’s, Super Crack Crusson (French rung) and one from Von Spital.

I started racing pigeons 11 years ago, taking over my grandfather’s birds two years after he passed away. At this time as with all families of pigeons you need to freshen things up and try different breeds and crosses. First we tried the Jos Thones and Van De Poel Sions, then later we bought some of Robert Venus's best stock birds before his retirement.

Very recent and new to our team is the Jan Aarden’s, Ko Van Dommelen, Martha Van Geels, Jan Ernest, George Carteus and six sprinter pigeons from the Rocket Line.

And so our journey with racing pigeon continues….